2017 welcome back and update

Hey lovelies,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you guys have had a lovley start to the new year!

So I haven’t posted in a rather long time, but I thought instead of jumping straight back into normal posts, I’d give you all a bit of an update….

I’m now in year 11 (the final year) of my school, meaning that I have quite a lot of exams coming up which I’m a little stressed about, and because of that I have decided that I’ll only post on a Friday, that way it’s the end of the week and something I can look forward to, I’ll still post about the things I previously have and keep to that theme.

Anouther updates is that I’ve now reached 410 followers!!! And I know I keep promising a giveaway but if you go back to the first few posts, I mentioned my follower milestone goals and giveaway points and I’ve decided to stick to it, meaning I’ll do a giveaway every 500 followers I gain. Making our little community grow stronger aha. 

I’ve got so many exiting posts lined up, some fun, some memories, some personal and I can’t wait to share them with all of you!! I have also been writing a book and mentioned sharing it with you which I may still do!!

Anywho, how have you guys been?                What have you been up to???? Share in the comments below,

And until Friday,

Ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx

skincare routine

hey lovelies,

how are you all doing? I feel like I always tell you about myself but never ask you so I’m going to start asking you how your doing so…. how are you doing? tell me in the comments how your doing.

Anyway… so as I said in the previous post I have dry skin, and that causes for a much needed skin care routine! so today I thought id let you guys have a insight to my skincare routine. I use a number of thing which I feel works best for me.

First off I use a cleanser to get rid of all mu makeup….


I use this Garner Micellar cleansing water, this isn’t for any particular reason, only because it was on a offer and I had some spare money and wanted to try it out. The only flaw with this is that it claims its okay for eyes however when ive used it for mascara, it stings my eyes a lot.


I then use some moisturiser…..


Now for a rather long time, ive been struggling to find a foundation that will hide my dry patches however I had failed to find one. however I then came across this moisturizer and it has allowed me to wear any foundation i’d like. I have found that this makes my face rather sticky but I put it on before I go to bed so it dosnt make much difference to me. I would happily recommend this to anyone with dry skin!

And then lastly I use some blemish cream…..


This works a treat when you either see a blemish appearing or have one. they take 3 to 4 hours to fully work and then your blemishes are gone! their great!!


Well I hope you have enjoyed todays post and ill most likey either be posting a Christmas makeup look, Christmas ootd or a backing post on Friday. I hope you all have a lovley build up to Christmas and I shall see you all soon.

ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx

makeup routine

Hey lovelies!

So today I broke up from school for the holidays, exiting right?! Anywayyyy, todays blog post is a collaboration with the lovely theaveragegurl! click on her name to check out her blog! Todays post, as you can probably guess from the title is a makeup routine….

Now before I get into the post, I have dry patches on my cheeks and forehead so this makeup is targeted at dryer skinned people however I also have the smallest bit of oiliness on my chin and it works great there also, so I’m sure you’d be fine if you have oilier skin.

most of these items are drugstore and as I live In the UK, their from either Boots or Superdrug. The higher end are from either Mac or Clinique. I am a wear on the touchy subject of Mac testing on animal however the items I have are either gifts or they didn’t test on animals to make it, as I do not like the fact they test on animals.

Now, for the makeup. I have somedays, like everyone else does where ill just wear primer with a touch of concealer or ill wear a CC cream. however I also have the days where I want to wear a bolder lip and a bit of mascara, this is where I feel like a foundation is needed, here is my makeup routines….

First we have to set the base with a primer…img_2754

On a day where I am wearing a base that gives coverage, I weafr the primer to your left which is the Max Factor, all day primer. this dosnt say anthin g about evening skin tone however I feel it does even mine. and on a day where id rather just wear a bit of primer and concealer, I wear the two to your right. As you can see, one is the beloved Maybelline Baby Skin instant pore erase. The other is Collections, Primed and ready. this is ‘powered’ by witch, which is a ache erasing company, I believe.

Next are my bases for the days where id like a bit of coverage….


Now…. the Rimmel stay matt is for days where I have drama performances on stage so that the lights do not give me a dreadful glow of any type. the Bourjois CC cream is for days where I want to look natural, mainly a day to day base for school or around the house. the last one of the three is the Bourjois healthy mix SERUM, I put this in capitals as there are two types, this one is a lot more hydrating. I wear this when I want a little more coverage and am adding a lip with mascara, normally a evening look or party, maybe weekend. I blen all three listed above with my real techniques beauty blender.

For the days with a little more spots…..


I have the one and only Collection lasting perfection, this is the dream concealer!! I also blend this in using my beauty blender.

now for the finishing touches, blusher, mascara and lips!


Firstly id apply my favourite blusher from Benefit, which is Sugarbomb. or Id opt for my Loreal blush, I apply my blusher with my Real Techniques blush brush. I would then apply my mascara. For a volumemized look id use my Rimmel 24hour curl and for a lengthy look id use my Newlook extreme length. Then going onto lips, I often stick to darker shades and I’m not fussy with lips, any brand will do, I just am not keen on overly glittery. But I have a few No.7 glosses, a few lippies from Mac or Maxfactor and a few crayons from Clinique.

Then sometimes ill powder but not often as it sticks to my dryer areas. If I do I use Mac studio fix powder with a real techniques powder brush.


Well then lovelies, that’s it for today, I hope you have enjoyed this makeup routine for what id say, three/four different occasions. and utill Tuesday, have a great week!

ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx




The best candle ever!! 

Hey lovelies!

Welcome back to my blog!! Today’s blog post is about my most favourite candle of ALL time, in my opinion it’s great for everyday smell, only for lovers of a sweet smell, it’s definitely sweet smelling. I’m saying in my opinion it’s best for all year round because it is Christmas named and kinda related… I think it’s amazing!!

And of course it’s a Yankee candle which in my opinion are the best candles EVER! 

My candle is called…..

Yes… It’s Christmas cookie and it smells insane!!! If you can get your hands on it to smell it I would recommend it to you to!! 

Well anyway, it’s been anouther short blog but bigger, better and longer ones are coming up, as the countdown to Christmas brings us closer to that big day!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and I’ll see you on Tuesday!

Ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx

Christmas decorations…

Hey lovelies!! 

So, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had my Christmas decs up for atleast two weeks now but some people do say it’s to early so I thought a week into December, you couldn’t go wrong. For this post I’ve only included my room decorations, not all of them as some are to close to pictures and personal items for a anonymous blogger. Again after at year of posting ish, I’ll most likely, if you like “reveal” who I am, but until then, I would prefer not to show you all.


Here are my Christmas decorations 2016!!

This is my tree for my room, the bright luminous areas are lights which look a lot better in person, and to be honest, the picture is not the best either. But my tree as you can see is white, I think it was from B&Q but I’m not to sure, I then have pink tinsle around the “neck” of the tree which I’m not sure looks right yet, I then have a glittery pink star at the top lmao. My ball balls are sliver; glittery, Matt and shiny. Pink stars; also Matt, shiny and glittery and then I have small pink balls.

So… That’s my tree, I then also have these small trees that go On your desks or side tables ect……

I also have anouther one however that is near the personal photo, which is why I haven’t shown. I think I ether got this from home base, B&Q or the range. I love this so much! It matches my room and is glittery!!! 

Well this is actually all I have to show lmao, sorry aha. Next post will be slightly longer of course. Anyway, you know what’s coming, until next time….

Ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx

16th birthday 🎉

Hey lovelies!!

So I mentioned in my last post that I may do a birthday haul, and I will be doing so. 

I am not writing this post to brag or boast is anyway just because I enjoy reading and watching these and I know many of you will to.

I’ve categorised the gifts that people have gifted me;

First is clothes….

These gifts where from a few people, my mother bought me my tshirts, these are from newlook ranging from size 4 to 8 she also bought me my pyjamas at the back which are piglet ones- those that have been here from the start know how obsessed I am with piglet!! My mum also bought my the newlook Voucher and the socks. My Nan and grandad gifted me the black Joni jeans and the select voucher.

I then have a few beauty items….

As you can see, I had asked for some new real techniques brushes for my birthday hah. The limited edition kwbaci set and the pack of 4 sponges where kindly gifted to me from my mother.  Then the core set and blush brush was given to me from my Nan and grandad. The Clinique set was kindly given to me from January Boi’s family which I’m highly greatful for.

Next I have jewellery and accessories…

I’m gonna start with the ring I’m holding, this is from my mum, it’s from newlook and a size small. She also gifted me my Faverite Yankee candle EVER!!  I have also been gifted a beautiful gold watch from my great auntie and then delecate keyring from my cousin. 
Zoella is next up…

These are all from my mother. Can I just say how to die for the fragrance is… OH MY LORDY!!! 
Now onto piglet!!!

Here I have a piglet mug gifted to me from my brother and my big piglet Tsum Tsum is from January Boi!! I’m so thankful for these two!! 
Last but not least CHOCOLATE!!……

The Galaxy bar and thortans chocolates were given to me from my cousin and the rest were from January Boi and no… There not ALL gone yet hahaha
A big THANKYOU to everyone who bought me a gift and card. And a big THANKYOU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! I hope you all enjoyed this post and comment down below what you are hoping for for Christmas! And until Tuesday,

Ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx

Birthday, giveaways and un-anonymous!!?

Hey lovelies!! 

So it’s almost December!! My birthday is at the very beginning of December so if you’d like I’ll do a birthday grwm and haul for Friday/Saturday’s post. However for now…. Seriously where has the time gone!! Before we know it I’ll be writing a Christmas giveaway and a Christmas haul blog post!!! I also have a few Collabs coming up which is rather exiting!! 

Hmm, this little season, I think I won’t call them episodes and go back to how they used to be but I may turn spring into a episode season… I don’t know really!? 

I was thinking about my blog and how actually rather unorganised it’s been and how I’ve skipped days or been late so I had an idea… I have finally “DIYed” a asprinkleofjoyyy Organiser so I can write all my blog posts, ideas, goals and I can write what posts I’m doing for what day! Now is that organised or what!! 

I also have to confess, I am awear that I said I’d do a giveaway for 150 followers and then one for 250 followers and not gonna lie, I looked at my followers today to see where I was and I’m on 322 followers!! WHAT!! So I have decided that the giveaway is going to turn into a Christmas/350 followers giveaway!! 

What I have also noticed is that I’m currently getting followers daily and I am so thankful!! I am so happy when I realise that people find my blog and like my content enough to see my blog page in Thier followers feed! It’s so lovley! THANKYOU so much!!

I also have been having anouther thought, I have been really wanting to go un-anonymous and I’m thinking that by 500 or maybe 1000 followers or maybe a year of doing this blog that I’ll finally do it, I feel like my confidence has gone up enough to do so and that once I’m in collage and doing my media course (only 6 months away) it would be rather nice. I Finnish school in June/July so I’m thinking that in the summer holidays I’ll do so. That way I won’t have to face anyone everyday that knows and when I go to collage helpfully people will be grown up enough not to take the mic but who knows. 

Oh anouther added extra, I just reached 50 posts!! 🙌🏻

But anyway.. This has been a rather long talky updating post and I’m now gonna change the title from “tis the season to be jolly” to update before Christmas mayhem!! Haha that will catch eyes I’m sure, but don’t hold me to that title, it still may change. Anyway… Stop me bableing on! Until next time,

Ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx

Bye bye Autumn – episode 10

Hey lovelies!!

So today is the last autumn post and I thought I’d reflect on how good Autumn has been, with all the leaves and slow move into the festive season 

I’ve chosen 5 pictures to summarise my thankful Autumn experience…

So it started with a jump and crunch with the brown and red leaves falling. With a big band came bonfire night I loved the pink ones ❤️ then January Boi brought me 12 red roses… IKR!! And finally the bunched up sparked lights simbilises the tidy up and new start for Christmas decorating!

Well I hope you enjoyed my summary and my next post will be slowly drawing you into my Christmas posts!!! Am I over exited for this!!? 

Well anyway I’ll see you next on Tuesday,

Ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx

Fave lip balm ever!! -Episode 9

Hey lovelies!!

So today I thought I’d do a bit of a fun, short, laid back post, and well I’ve really been loving wearing lip balms at the moment as my lips seem to be as dry as the Driest desert… 😐!

My face ever lip balm is Body Shop’s Born Lippy in the flavour Watermellon!! 

This is the most nice smelling lip balm I think I’ve ever had! And a little goes a very long way. It’s soooo hydrating!! 

But yer aha I hope you have enjoyed this mini fave of mine aha. And next post is the last Autumn series!!

Anyway, until next time

Ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx

A little help please – episode 8

Hey lovelies!

So it’s a bit of a switch around today as I never normally ask you for help unless it’s Q&Q questions or knowing what to get you for a giveaway… There will be one coming very soon!! 

So now we’re taking makeup help. I have dry skin… It’s a killer! But I’m in love with the Loreal lumi Magique cushion foundation, but if you’ve tried it, without a good primer, you’ll know it dosnt last to long… 

Can you PLEASE comment down below what your favourite long lasting primer is, I’m thinking maybe the Benefits porefesinal! But I’m not sure 

Well THANKYOU for your help and I’ll be posting a much better post on Friday/Saturday, with my 2nd to last autumn series
Well until Friday,

Ilya, asprinkleofjoyyy xx